Jument, Baie, 2009

Propriétaire: Lutetia Arabians
Lignée du père : Saklawi I 1886
Lignée de la mère: Szwejkowska

WAHINE is a promising young future broodmare belonging to one of the most treasured dam families at Michalow State Stud, the family of SZWEYKOWSKA, with horses like WIEZA MOCY, WILDA, WIZJA, WOJSLAW, WILNIANKA, WENEDA and WILEJKA.

Her sire ERYKS is a son of World Champion Stallion GAZAL AL SHAQAB and Eryks resembles a lot to his illustrious sire not only with his striking color but his masculinity, his great neck and charisma. Eryks dam is the World Champion and Polish National Champion Mare and Best in Show EMMONA, one of the most decorated and precious daughters of Monogramm and out of Emilda -Polish National Junior Champion and twice Polish National Reserve Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Reserve Champion, European Senior Champion and British National Champion Mare. Emilda is in turn a daughter of Polish Derby winner and Race Horse of the Year as well as Polish National Champion Stallion PAMIR (Probat x Parma) and out of EMANACJA.

Emanacja was one of six full sisters by the legendary Polish National Champion Stallion EUKALIPTUS out of Polish National Reserve Champion Mare EMIGRACJA, a treasured daughter of PALAS and out of Polish National Champion Mare EMISJA tracing down in tail female line to ESTOKADA and her extraordinary daughter ESKAPADA who at the age of 21 was awarded Polish National Reserve Champion Mare with her daughter EKSTAZA as the Champion Mare. Eskapada was reknown for passing on her beauty but also for her stamina and performance ability which could be seen in her El Paso-son EROS (ERROS in USA) US National Reserve Champion Stallion and successful in English Pleasure, ESPADA US National Top Ten Mare.

Wahine´s dam WROZKA is one of our most precious mares, with her Arabian type and extraordinary movement this black pearl catches everyone’s eyes and is a favorite among visitors. She is sired by Polish National Champion and US National Reserve Champion Stallion GANGES making Witelio carrying two lines to the incomparable MONOGRAMM through the two sons chosen to be his progenitors in Poland - Ekstern and Ganges. Ganges himself was the best race horse among the Monogramm offspring and he is producing not only show champions but also race winners and winners in both endurance and performance, making him the perfect versatile sire.

Wrozka´s dam is the black WIPERA, a daughter of Polish National Junior and Senior Champion as well as World Champion FAWOR, a valuable sire belonging to the KUHAILAN AFAS DB line through the legendary COMET.
The damline of Szweykowska is one of the most important families at Michalow with representatives like WIEZA MOCY, WILDA, WIZJA, WILIAM, WOJSLAW, WENDETA and WIEZA BABEL. The chestnut WERBENA (Doktryner x Werbena) was a great producing mare and it would be her two daughters -the bay WARMIA (by Comet) and the grey Polish National Champion Mare WENERA (by Negatiw) - who would create their own success at Michalow through their descendants. While Warmia is represented through her El Paso-daughters WIZJA and WILEJKA and her Bandos-daughter WACPANNA, Wenera is solely represented through her dynamic Gedymin-daughter WENEDA. Anyone who saw Weneda was captured by the effortlessly animated and impressive long-strided trot which she displayed to perfection when at the age of 17 she was named Swedish National Champion Mare.

Weneda produced a group of great daughters before being exported to Sweden and her Palas-daughters WENECJA, WENDETA and WIOLETA were all exceptional beauties with an exotic, feminine look and their dam’s signature feature - her outstanding movement. Wendeta was retained by Michalow while Wenecja and Wioleta found their way to USA and UK respectively. Wendeta was very successful in the showring and excelled as a broodmare producing three great offspring by the Russian stallion TALLIN - WARSOWIA, WERNERA and WAGRAM and the great daughters WERDA (by Piechur), WIPERA (by Fawor) and WIDETA (by Wachlarz). Warsowia was exported to Brazil where she founded her own successful dynasty, Wernera found her way to Italy where she was named Italian National Champion Mare and produced the exotic, show-white stallion Wares (by Piruet), multi-champion stallion in Italy. The bay stallion Wagram was exported to Argentina where he was named Argentinian Reserve Champion Stallion and has been a very successful sire.